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Nov. 19th, 2004 @ 02:16 am My family business is Bread DSD operations, so...
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White Bread vs. Wheat Bread.

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Date:November 19th, 2004 12:24 am (UTC)

White bread.

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It may seem conformist, but it just tastes better.

...what do you mean, you're cutting calories? You're eating *bread*. If you're worried about dieting, go Atkins and forget about yeast-risen bread altogether.
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Date:November 19th, 2004 01:34 pm (UTC)
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Wheat all the way, man.
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Date:December 6th, 2004 03:44 am (UTC)
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White bread IS made from wheat, isn't it? The wheat is processed more.

I think you mean "whole wheat", which is made from the entire grain, including the brownish husk. More vitamins and such in the husk, so I will go with whole wheat. I mean, remember what happened with beriberi. (In a nutshell: Japanese who ate white rice would get a deficiency disease while those who ate brown rice would not, because the brown husk contained a certain B vitamin.)